Snapshot of Services Marketing Ideas Inc Offers

Social Media Setup and More

We can help you figure out which social media options work best for your business.

Set up start at:

FacePage – $100

Twitter – $50

Google+ or Google Business – $125

YouTube – $50

Social Media Management - starts at $75/mo

If you are considering full-service programs, please contact us for details.

Online Brochures & Lead Magnets

Did you know you can have online brochures that can be also be converted into PDFs to print it for handouts?

We are able to assist you to create live interactive brouchures, booklets or flyers. They have live links and even popups.

For a live demonstration, please contact us. Starts at $200.

SEO and Local SEO

Have a Website that’s on page 10 for Google searches?

Do you get those calls where they are going to get your site in the #1 Spot on Google for $xx amount of money? Sorry folks it doesn’t work that way…you can’t buy your way into a #1 spot but you can work towards it.

There are many moving parts to improving your positioning and that’s where we can help.

The basic program starts at $150/mo and for you DIY entrepreneurs, we will educate you during the process.

Website Tweaks & Updates

Already have a website and need a few tweaks and updates every now and then?

We charge by the hour so you can set a budget and always be up-to-date online.

If you want to build a new page or two, we can do that for you too.

Starts at $50

Website|Landing Pages

Do you need a Website or Landing Page?

This is a MUST HAVE today. Without it, you are missing out on inbound calls and/or prospects.

In addition, using the right technology, you can automate newsletters, drip campaigns and so much more.

Our motto is to start small and then grow your site. If you start BIG it takes too long to develop and creeps and scopes into $1,000s before you even know what works and what doesn’t work for your business.

They start at $600.

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